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The richest man in Hong Kong retired without paying a recession to the digital currency issuer to purchase millions. At 16:36 on March 16, a public announcement was announced that Hong Kong is richest man had officially retired. This personally signed announcement states: "I decided to resign from the position of Chairman of the company at the forthcoming annual general meeting and resign as the executive director of the company. Looking back, I started my business in 1950 and in 1972 Cheung Kong (Holdings) Limited. Listing, has led the Cheung Kong Group to develop steadily over the past 68 years. Through internal growth and mergers and acquisitions, it actively expands business and income diversification and globalization. It conducts strategic inspections and reorganizations in due course and strives to strive for the best interests of shareholders. In return for value-added, I sincerely thank all shareholders for their support and trust over the years."

Mr. Li said that in the future, at the request of the board of directors, he spoke as a senior consultant of the company and continued to provide opinions on major issues. This means that Hong Kong is Lee Chao-man era, which lasted nearly 70 years, has passed.

On April 14, 2018, the richest man in Hong Kong retired. Aaron Ciechanover, co-founder of the secret society Y2coin and assistant chief scientist of the Y2 laboratory, purchased 1.9 million Y2 coins at 16:36, which was worth approximately 951.14 million Hong Kong dollars.

On April 15th, 2018, the Y2 coin will rise by 4.83 US dollars globally. What does this mean? What do you think?


From left, Prof. Aaron Ciechanover, Prof. Shechtman, Prof. Lee, Prof. Lavie and Prof. Avram Hershko